SPS Parking Manegment System

Access Control

Parking guidance

Park place camera for guidance and to find lost cars (no need for CCTV anymore)

Parking payment system

Centralized parking lot management software over internet

Android and IOS application for smart phones. See the free spaces before going to the parking lot.

The benefits of the system

  • The parking management system collects all entrance, and exit information, vehicle quantities and revenue data from the system and reports at any time.
  • For reports any time period can be selected. For example if the daily occupancy of the complete parking lot is required,the time period can be selected for one day ony.
  • This is a valuable data to help management make park place optimization and planning accordingly.
  • When drivers cannot find a free park place, they stop and occupy the passage and block others too, guidance systems is a solution to this problem by showing the driver the nearest free park space.
  • Some park managements hire park staff to guide drivers to free park spaces or areas. This is an expensive and limited solution compared to automated guidance systems which can help drivers in a convinient way.
  • If there are no parked vehicle in a park division of a parking lot, then the system is able to close the lights of this park division or floor. This function will provide an important amount of saving to the management.

Access control , Payment & vehicle guidance

3 system in one

SPS offers parking payment, parking guidance, Plate recognition and CCTV camera systems integrated

Centralized management

Centralized park management software offered for park owners to track their revenues, and see the occupancy of their parking lots.


Pay on Exit systems
Pay on foot systems

Sensors and indiators

SPS parking system shows occupied and free park spaces to the driver in different colors and guides him to free places with guiding displays.
With fast high tech communication techniques the information from thousands of park place detectors are collected and displayed at system management computers and displays.
Each parking place is monitored with a occupancy sensor. When the park place is full, the sensor will recognize the vehicle automatically and turn the indicator at that park place to red.
When the vehicle leaves the park place the indicator turns to green , indicating a new free space of parking to other drivers seeking for park place.
The LED indicator lamps are aligned on the aisle so that a driver can easily see all lamps from the head of that aisle.

Displays and management

Drivers will not lose time driving around looking for free park places in the parking lot
The system is computerized and takes real time data from all park places and records the parking situation in time domain.
Park management can take reports of occupancy at any time for any time interval. This way administrative offices can use this valuable data for management.

Guidance and security

Free park places
Guidance system will display users the free park place quantity and direction at the given park region. Red for full / green for free spaces.

Management can get statistical reports of the carpark occupency.

Guidance with video sensors
The system with video sensors will show the Picture of the vehicle . It can also find the lost car from the plate number to help persons who forget the place of their car. Plate numbers can be used for security purposes.

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