Who we are:

SPS was founded in 2012 with the aim of introducing solutions to the persistent problem of parking scarcity in Egypt.



Engineer Hesham Lamei

Engineer Mostafa Lotfy

Other Partners


Our Vision:

To be Egypt’s pioneers in the parking solutions field, providing top class products for our clients.


Our Mission:

We aim at solving the scarcity of parking places to achieve:

  • Traffic flow enhancement.
  • Increased security level for cars when parked in an elevated platform.
  • Reduced hazards of scratching or denting the cars when parked by an unauthorized valet.
  • Improving the efficiency of employees by saving their time and effort wasted in search for parking space.
  • Reduce fuel wasted in circling around target destination in search for parking .
  • Preserving environment and reducing pollution levels by reducing carbon emissions.