SPS has many solutions:

The smart parking can be above ground, underground or partly above ground and partly underground.

1- Manually operated parking systems: (duo parking systems)

The top car can not be moved unless the bottom car is removed.Modified ECO8020 (1)

This type might be for 2, 3 or more cars on top of each other.

It also can be installed in single bay or multiple bays; usually suitable for car manufacturers or car dealers.

2- Semi-Automatic parking systems: (also called  puzzle systems)

In this system the top cars can move vertically,

while the bottom cars move horizontally to allow for the top car

to move in an empty slot without removing the bottom car.slide1

This system can be installed one or more levels underground and

one or more levels above ground, or any combination of levels underground and above ground.

3- Fully computerized parking systems: (also called Robotic parking systems)

In this system cars parking is totally controlled by computer

and this is feasible for big number of cars and relatively big space,

it can be of many floors under ground, above ground or

partly underground and partly above ground.Parallelconveyor_s

Since it is considered an expensive system it is

usually suitable for public parking and commercial places.